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Reverse Disease
Prevent Disease
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Build Immunity, Strength, Mobility

Know What To Eat To Reach Your Goals
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Meet Sherry Baum, RN, MSN DACLM

Board Certified by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine

Retired Professor of Nursing

Worked internationally to build healthcare facilities

Offers private 1 on 1 and group coaching sessions

Nurse Sherry works with your provider to help you rapidly reach your health goals

Tested and Proven

Whole Food, Plant Based Certified Professional Chef

You'll stay on track and gain clarity and confidence


I'm eager to listen to you.

I work with your health care provider.

We work together to make healthy living easy. 

Health doesn't have to be hard.

Change Your Food - Change Your Life!

What can you expect when you eat plants?

  • ​Lose Weight
  • ​Better Sex
  • ​Better Sleep
  • ​More Energy
  • ​Stronger Immunity
  • ​Better Mood - Plants Are Anti-Depressants!
  • ​​Reverse Diabetes or Reduce Insulin
  • ​Reverse Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • ​​Reduce or Stop Blood Pressure Medication 
  • ​​Reduce or Stop Cholesterol Medication
  • ​​Reverse and Prevent Heart Disease
  • ​​Clearer Skin and Stronger Healthier Looking Hair
  • ​​Reduced Risk Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Dementia
  • ​​Better Mental Functioning and Clarity
  • ​Plants reverse damage caused by animal foods
  • ​Less Inflammation

Eat Plants

A whole food, plant based lifestyle focuses on eating whole plant based foods. 
Plants, not things manufactured in a plant.
Enjoy nearly unlimited amounts of delicious fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes, as well as nuts, seeds, herbs and spices. 
Cut back or eliminate processed food and animal products. 
Eliminate meat, chicken, fish, pork, dairy and eggs, as well as refined sugar, bleached flour and other processed foods, including oil. 

What's the deal with plants?

Plants contain high levels of dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes. They fill you up, not out.

Whole (minimally or unprocessed), plant based foods are naturally low in calories and carbohydrates and have ample protein to fuel modern life from athletes to moms, kids and seniors.

When you eat plants, your body IMMEDIATELY begins to heal itself, repairing inflammation and releasing toxins.

With health supportive, nutritious, delicious whole plant foods, your energy is boosted and your immune system kicks into high gear to help keep you healthy. 

From your head to your toes, you are able to enjoy mental and physical health benefits. 

It's easy. You start by eating more plant-based whole foods and cutting back or eliminate processed foods.

Health shouldn't be hard.

Why is processed so bad?

Nutrients are stripped out in manufacturing. 

Addictive and unhealthy ingredients, like refined sugar, monosodium glutamate (MSG) and trans fats, are added during manufacturing. 

Highly processed and animal foods drastically reduce your body's ability to obtain the nutrition it needs. 

Your brain recognizes when your body has not fulfilled its nutrient needs, even continuing to send hunger signals after a huge 1500 calorie fast food meal! 

Your brain is wired to send hunger signals until it gets the nutrients your body needs. That's why you can be both overweight and literally starving!

As you reach for more addictive processed foods, your body never obtains what it truly needs and you spiral down through the destructive eat-crave-eat-crave-eat-crave then overeat cycle, always seeking nutrients.

I'm here with my team to help you. 

We've defeated overweight, obesity and diseases in our own bodies and have helped many others do the same.

I know what it takes and I'm eager to share all my secrets to glowing health with you!

My Nutrition Nurse Coaching is founded on evidence based medical nutritional science. 

We work with your provider to assure you're getting the well rounded care and treatment you need to reclaim your health.

We know change can be difficult and YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

With our Rapid Reset, you'll begin to notice changes within just 24 hours.

You'll see your life and health transform in just a couple short weeks!

Your Team: Nurse Sherry and Misty

Sherry and Misty are the co-founders of My Nutrition Nurse Coaching, an international lifestyle education program. My Nutrition Nurse Coaching is designed to help you lose weight, eat delicious healthy foods, feel great and renew your energy - all while reversing and preventing disease!

Nurse Sherry Baum

Sherry Baum, RN, MSN, has practiced medicine for more than 35 years, helping people become and stay healthy. In addition to a Master’s in Nursing, Sherry is a Diplomate of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. She is a certified coach and professional, certified whole food, plant based chef. Sherry holds a Plant Based Nutrition Certificate and served on the faculty of San Diego State University as a Professor of Nursing.

Misty Young 

 Misty Young is a Plant Based Nutritional Therapist, author, certified coach, speaker, trainer and serial entrepreneur. 

We teach you how to eat plants, not take pills!


"The weight comes off and you feel your body and, you know, your body is getting proper nutrition." 

​"Recently, I went for a motorcycle ride in the forest. A guy at a restaurant I stopped at was interested in my trip and said to me, “Well, if I were younger, like you, I'd be doing that.” So, I asked him how old are you? He goes, well, I'm 60. And I go, well, I’ve got 10 years on you, I’ll be 70 in a couple months... and I take zero medications! And he just went cold in his tracks. He couldn't believe that I was older. Yeah, that was a good feeling." 

"The coaching with Nurse Sherry is amazing, she's a true expert!" – Ailene

"Nurse Sherry helped me easily lose 22 pounds this year without being hungry!" – Lorene

"I went from 42% body fat down to 28%. My blood pressure at that point was 130, over 88. And just last week it was 111 over 75." 

"I would say that I personally wish I had done it 20 years ago or 30 years ago." – Kim 

"The program is professional and packed with so much useful knowledge. 

Plus, I got great results, lost 30 pounds and look younger!" – Brad

"I went from 42% body fat down to 28%. My blood pressure at that point was 130, over 88. And just last week it was 111 over 75." 


Learn more about My Nutrition Nurse Coaching. 
Imagine how great you could feel in just a few days. 
Plants really are that powerful.